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Quality Network, Quality Bandwidth - It makes a difference!!!

     Atjeu Publishing offers only world class bandwidth. While some hosting companies use dirt cheap junk bandwidth from providers that use public peering points, Atjeu only uses the highest quality providers with private peering. Public peering points are notorious for bringing incredible slow downs, packet loss and even breaks in connectivity. However, private peering offers only top quality bandwidth, no slow downs, the least number of hops and backbones to get to where you are, and plenty of available overhead. Atjeu also uses bridging technology which means that almost every backbone that exists is only one hop away from Atjeu’s core router. This means the fastest route and most reliable path to you. As a side note, all customers who connect to the internet either through ATT broadband (or similar) or through Cox broadband (or similar) have a direct connection to Atjeu. For example, a customer with a Cox cable modem will never even have to go to the internet to get to Atjeu, it is a direct connection! Cox and ATT have a large share of the broadband services in the United States which means your customers that have their connectivity through Cox and ATT will have a direct connection to Atjeu for the absolute fastest and most reliable connection. Its a great way to make your customers happy! Atjeu also uses BGP4 routing protocol. With BGP4, each packet that leaves the Atjeu network is evaluated and sent out the best route possible. In the event that one of our providers fails, traffic is automatically and seamlessly transferred out our other providers.

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ATT Network
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